Sunday, April 3, 2011

Swim Lessons at Holsten Pool

The past two weekends I have been teaching swim lessons to the kids around Cortland County at the pool on campus. The first day it was really difficult because only three instructors showed up. There was some miscommunication with the times. There were only two groups and I took the upper level group. It was really difficult because they were all in different skill levels. It is always difficult because the upper level swimmers get bored because they already know how to do the skills that I have to teach to the lower levels. This weekend was better because we had more instructors and were able to split the children up more appropriately. Today I only had one swimmer around level 3, I am having a lot of difficulty getting her to improve her kicking but I am constantly trying different methods to make it easier. What I love about little swimmers is that they never give up!

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