Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Lab 5: Easter!

This weeks lab was an Easter theme because Easter was this past Sunday. It was a great, high energy, day. All of the kids were hyped up after just getting back to school. Most of the people from Cortland that were there also had an awesome attitude which really translated in the games. Probably with the addition of more experience, they seemed more confident in their own ability to capture childrens attention and maintain it. This week we looked at the motor movements: stationary ball bounce (dribbling) and the kick. The two children that we chose to look at were at very different levels of skill. The girl easily got bored with the basketball dribbling and quickly resorted to either carrying the basketball or using two hands to bounce it. The boy, however, was very skilled and advanced at the basketball dribbling and kicking. This week we were in the "special projects" group and just floated around helping people out where we could. It was pretty laid back.

Lab 4 Write-Up

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