Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Dinosaur Train!

This week at St. Mary's we did a lab  with a "Dinosaur Train" theme. The locomotor skills that we were to be looking for were throwing and catching. We had some trouble in the beginning because the children we chose to observe left. Most of the children had a problem throwing with the opposite foot. We were in the Pre-K this week and it was a nice change from being with the older kids all the time. I went with my group member Nick into the one classroom and we read them a story about how large Dinosaurs were and the kids seemed to enjoy it. I had some trouble keeping the children's attention. We then went into the gymnasium to start playing games. I played my game first and it was Dinosaur egg tag. The kids had to run around and if they got tagged they had to get down on the ground in an egg shape.  The children seemed to enjoy it. Another good one in our group was a game where the kids had to throw balls over a mat. It helped them practice overhand throws and it was a nice challenge for them. Overall it was a successful lab.

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