Sunday, January 30, 2011

Creating a Blog

   My first reaction to creating a blog was that it was quite overwhelming. I do not consider myself very "savvy" when it come to new technologies and that notion was definitely reinforced when creating this blog. However, I am very willing to learn and I believe that I have now gotten a handle on not only how to find my blog but how to actually post something.
   This break I only had a few days home with my family before I had to go to Florida with my swim team for our training trip. I was in Florida for 10 days and then came back to Cortland for the remainder of break. All I did during the time I was with my team was eat, sleep and swim. With practices twice a day, there was not time for much else.  During the practices, however, I had to constantly maintain a good attitude and push through the tough workouts. This gave me a lot of practice maintaining a good attitude when things could go awry with a lesson. Believe it or not, being in such close quarters with the same people wears some's patience very thin and it is key to keep your cool and maintain the peace between everyone. I was able to work on keeping order between people and getting along with my teammates.
    Our first lab at St. Mary's can not be described with a single word. It was chaotic, nerve wracking, scary, entertaining, and definitely fun. I was quite confident I knew where it was but still had trouble finding it. On first entering the gym, I was a bit overwhelmed by how many children were playing around. A part of me was concerned about the safety of the kids that seemed to be getting too rough. But then I was unsure what type of authority I had or even if they were being too rough. I have been teaching swim lessons over the summer for 4 years so I am better at detecting unsafe situations in the water. We got into groups and was introduced to the different places where we would be. When we got back to the gym it was a little scary having to walk up to kids but once I did, I had a great time. The children were very friendly and willing to talk to us. I am excited for the next time we will get to go there.

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